Amazonka model agency

CHYRKOV studio rebranded the logo for the Amazon modeling agency.

The modeling agency AMAZONKA has recently begun to actively develop in the West. In Odessa, this is a long-established brand that has been on the market for more than 10 years. So we all subconsciously strive to follow the trends of the Western world and in order to stay afloat, it is necessary to adapt to "them". Therefore, the task was to change the logo and possibly the name in such a way that it would look decent with Western colleagues. The change in corporate identity also coincided with the company's move to a new office, the design of which was reflected in the new corporate identity.We proposed to change the usual name of the agency to the abbreviation "A M A" ("hey em hey"). It is easy to remember and simply perceived by foreigners. It stands for: Amazonka Model Agency. We immediately received approval for this name and proposed several logo options. At the request of the client, the word "Amazonka" was added to the main AMA logo in order not to radically depart from the existing brand. Also, "model and event agency" was added to the description, as the agency is still organizing events, such as beauty contests. The main colors were chosen: white, black and red. We suggested many different combinations of these colors, but in the end it was decided to use white as the background, black text, and red highlight "Amazonka" and the letter "M" in the logo.Elements of corporate identity were developed: envelopes A4 and DL, letterheads, stickers, covers for CDs, composite cards for models, business cards of 4 types. Business cards were printed on different papers at the request of the client. Business cards of the founder on mirror, director on thick white paper with double-sided matte lamination, producer and booker on white textured design paper.

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