Flower shop "Bouquet" is an example of sophistication in all - since its direct product, colors, design and finishing shop. Our task was to create for customers a card that has managed to convey the image of the boutique - namely, the spirit of France. But to do so should unobtrusively. In addition, our card was supposed to play a pivotal role, and not just be advertising product. These are postcards that you can sign up and add it to your bouquet. And to portray them, we decided our classic "genre" - a couple of lovers, only models in our case were children. As we know, children - the flowers of life, their feelings are no substitute, they are sincere and pure. The same light and easy was another hero of our idea - a bouquet.So began the selection of young models, elaborating in detail image. When our little heroes were selected, their style had to match our vision to eventually gain a holistic way and natural. After much persuasion and explanation, our young models finally agreed to portray us right coquetry and was filmed! Shooting and post-processing done Sergei Chyrkov and soon the layout of our cards was ready. Together with our customers, we have come to the conclusion that the most harmoniously finished product would look like with a shaped edge that corresponds to the vintage style cards, but some of them also was printed with a smooth edge and a white border.The result you can see below, and we hope that these cards perform their task exactly as we wanted it to cause a warm feeling in all who see them, holding in his hand, receives a gift with a magnificent bouquet of flower boutique "Bouquet".

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