Miraton SS-2012

Client: Miraton

Task: Shooting for an advertising campaign

Release: June 2012Brand Miraton presented his vision of spring-summer 2012, which concluded in the slogan «Be natural». Tender spring colors and bright summer colors, animalistic print and floral decoration, intricate textures - the designers drew inspiration from nature. "Be natural" - offers the new season fashion market Miraton, noting that the concept of "natural" and "fashionable" are no longer antagonists.In the spirit of the concept of naturalism established five promotional images, which can be called as follows:

1. FloraThis really spring image, the image gentle, sentimental, soft, sensual girl who loves to dream and dream. Image of a romantic nature.

2. Chameleon. Image, close to those who prefer to be different / th, each time changing his style, like a chameleon - skin color. It is preferred by strong girls who love to be the center of attention, and strong-willed, determined men.

To fully capture the essence of this image, the theme of an advertising photo shoot steel jungle - a key motif of the come fashion season.

3. Paradise bird. Summer image, painted in bright colors extravaganza. If you live in an atmosphere of celebration, adore dynamics, incendiary parties, fashion social events and love to attract attention, then express your second "I", you can use it this way.

4. Mermaid. Marine image - a synonym of the sea. Natural for a period of rest on the coast, sea travel, cruises and sailing.5. DandyHe is both elegant gentleman and brutal macho day - business, and at night the fatal man. Looks like a dandy, dressed with a gloss. Dandy with rock and roll coating.

If we talk about the female counterpart of this image, it is a mysterious lady with flёrom mystery, incredibly seductive and sexy.You can choose any of these images, highlighting it with the shoes, bags and accessories from the collection Spring-Summer 2012, says Miraton. Shoes and handbags have become the focus of thematic scenes captured separately, the nature of which is easily guessed.

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