Miraton FW2011-12

Client: Miraton

Task: Shooting for an advertising campaign

Release: November 2011

Network of fashion supermarkets Miraton launched a new advertising campaign "Mirror Games", dedicated to the collection autumn-winter 2011-2012.

The concept of "mirror game" draws our attention to the game with the images. Therefore, the core of the photo session devoted to the autumn-winter collection, was a mirror - the personification of diversity, self-knowledge, and contemplation of truth.It is a magical, magical and still unknown creature surreal world formed the basis of the action, which is set in the process of photography. On the shore of the estuary Kuyalnik, Miraton creative group built a kingdom of mirrors.The main heroine of the mirror was a country and, accordingly, the face of a new advertising campaign girl, who is not afraid to change, experiment, be different. She has many faces. Yesterday, this girl could "light" at a party, and be glamorous party girl, today - she is a romantic dreamer, and tomorrow - intellectual, loving traveller. For this girl is characterized by a variety of moods and a kaleidoscope of images of life.She took a deep, extraordinary nature, in which a lot of "I", and the "I" of yesterday, today and tomorrow are radically different from each other. She knows about their internal diversity and seeks to present itself in different ways. The heroine of the mirror games are always a little bit and actress Alice, a girl of mystery, which wants to solve.Accessories, shoes and bags provided by the network Miraton, helping to create a new / new you - to find and competently teach his alter ego, to talk about the second "I" and ably demonstrate all its internal and external faces. They promote self-expression, talk about important personal characteristics, we emphasize the inherent multiobraznost and reflect inherent to each of us polyphony styles. As seemingly nuance, but in fact an important part of the whole, accessories, shoes and bags from Miraton contribute to the creation completed, relevant to a particular role of the image.

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