Interactive tourist map of Western part of Odessa region ( The project «Interactive tourist map of Western part of Odesa region (I-map)» is implemented as part of the “Culture. Tourism. Regions” program jointly organized by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UCF), USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine (CEP), and SME Development Office (SME.DO) at the Ministrу for Development of Economy, Trade, and Agriculture of Ukraine. Website is showing landmarks of the region and is stimulating the development of local businesses as the only one reliable resource of independent regional tourism. contains information about tourist attractions and local businesses in Western Odessa Region. They are:

– historical monuments (cultural tourism);
– cultural monuments (cultural tourism);
– protected areas (ecological tourism);
– national cuisine (gastronomic tourism);
– gastronomic and cultural festivals (gastronomic tourism, cultural tourism).

Information regarding tourist attractions is presented in text format in Ukrainian and English and also photos. All this gives users possibility to get the most realistic picture about tourist attractions and plan their journey according their own taste.

Our task was to implement a turnkey project, namely to draw an interactive map with attractions and design a website. We used maps with the location of flora and fauna as references. They illustrated real animals that you can meet in places marked on the map. Drawn all the objects of cultural and historical heritage. The site has geolocation of all objects, which can quickly find them on Google maps or using a GPS navigator.

We’ve received prestigious, international awards:
— Special Kudos at CSS Design Awards. Also we got certificates: Innovation Design Award, UI Design Award, UX Design Award.
— Honorable Mention at Awwwards
— Mobile Excellence at Awwwards

— 1st place: tourism and recreation at web awards ua

— best creative at web awards ua

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