Our 2019 calendar

This is our corporate 2019 calendar. This year we've decided not to make our traditional calendar with illustrations, but went towards the photo-collages. We did photoshoot with  the most beautiful models from ArtPodium Model Agency. Each portrait is framed with paint strokes that complement the image of the models and, in combination with a gradient background, give the mood of a particular month.

Photographer: Sergei Chyrkov

MUA: Iliyana Shablovskaya

Models (in order of appearance): Alekseeva Valeriya (cover), Vyunik Anastasia, Kosyanchuk Polina, Pindeeva Anastasia, Khmelnitskaya Margo, Berbenchuk Ekaterina, Platina Sofia, Tamarina Ekaterina, Romanenko Maria, Klimenko Maria, Shuba Alena, Alekseeva Valeriya, Buryan Angelina

Model agency: ArtPodium Model Agency

Location: Zavod photo-studio

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