Universe DIY humidificator

Client: Universe DIY humidificator

Task: Design and development of a new site for Universe climate humidification systems.


Release: February 2017

CHYRKOV production studio created a new website for the a humidification system Universe. Universe is a unique system of direct fogging, which may be installed individually.As it is an international company, the site successfully operates in 4 languages: English, Russian, French and German.The main task was to develop a new design with a convenient and understandable structure. Much attention was paid to the pages of the product series. Previously, the site did not have a well-thought-out hierarchy of products, so we offered a more convenient interface and division into series and types of products.We have redesigned the structure of the product page, dividing the description, the product advantages and its main characteristics so that users can more easily navigate the page.To maximize the convenience for user and the customer, we develop an order and feedback forms.

The site is made in the company's corporate style with parallax effects. Decorative elements in the form of water give the site a special feature and point to the main component of the product.

The whole project was completed in 1.5 months, taking into account design, development and site content.The site runs on a WordPress CMS with fully customized administrative panel.

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