Cabinet Lounge

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Cabinet Lounge is a club office and coworking space in the very center of Moscow. The company needed a logo update. There were several reasons, among the main ones: the difficulty in using the logo in small formats and the overload of elements in the emblem itself.

The new logo retained the idea of ​​a “coin” as the brand’s long-standing distinctive mark. Maintaining consistency and making the logo more flexible were among the main goals of the redesign. The logo has become “cleaner” and more minimalistic. All unnecessary elements have been removed. The CL abbreviation has been preserved, but the typography has changed, which now reflects the sophistication, atmosphere of a “closed club”, the high level of quality and service of the Cabinet Lounge. The name of the company, in contrast to the logo, is written in austere grotesque, which emphasizes the modernity and flexibility of the company.

Art plays a big role in the atmosphere of the Cabinet Lounge, where the walls are decorated with many paintings. As decorative elements, patterns, it was decided to use paint strokes. The inspiration for this decision was the painting drawn by the residents of the club. Such a bold decision enlivens the rather strict corporate identity of CL, which embodies the spirit of business and its readiness for any challenges and accomplishments!

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