The dynamically developing company Erteh, operating in the energy sector, decided to rebrand.

The task of the studio was to update the company logo, make it more modern, dynamic and functional for placement on different formats.

In order to maintain continuity, the lightning bolt symbol and the main blue color of the company have been retained, but its hue has been updated. CHYRKOV studio decided to add a bright red color to the corporate range, which represents energy. The symbol of lightning has been completely redesigned. Lightning has become more “friendly” due to round shapes, more dynamic due to diagonal inclination and concise. The lightning symbol from the logo has become a separate element of the identity and is now used in the company's branded products as a pattern and emblem. 

A small "trick" - the silhouette of a wrench. It may not be immediately noticeable to the eye, but upon closer examination, it is read in the negative space of the logo. This symbol represents the technological services of Erteh.

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