Client: Anastasia Makalendra

Task: Personal brand identity development.


The development of the personal brand Makalendra was focused on creating a design and corporate identity.

The brand bears the name of the founder — Anastasia Makalendra, who has long worked in the beauty industry and is a professional make-up artist. Her company is engaged in the distribution of professional cosmetics. Her personality and last name are already recognisable in the market and are well remembered.

That's why it was important for us that the brand was associated with the target audience within the beauty industry. The main task was to develop a unique solution that favorably allocates Makalendra in a highly competitive market.Inspiration came from the most beauty industry: they prompted the decision of the round lights in the makeup mirror and round jars with mono-shadows, these associations formed the basis for the logo.

The main colors of the logo are white and black. They are ideally combined with colorful background solutions. Moreover, these colors symbolize the professionalism of the brand.

Background shades are bright and bright.Colors attract attention to themselves, while not looking obtrusive or screaming.Feathering the color repeats the effect of spraying the paint with an airbrush.

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