Xella Clinic

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Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Beauty, cosmetology




Xella Clinic is one of the few clinics that prioritizes service design (a holistic value delivery system).
Our studio was given a number of tasks: to develop a name, logo and visual identity and brand strategy. During several meetings of the working group, we carried out a number of studies in order to create a unique product on the aesthetic medicine market. The target audience was determined, the philosophy of the clinic, its values ​​and basic principles of work were formulated. We tried to convey all this in the Xella Clinic brand.

The philosophy of the clinic is that the doctor is a restorer, and the client is a unique work of art. There is a huge difference between used and antiques. According to Xella Clinic a complete “reworking” of a person leads to the loss of his uniqueness — this is vulgarity and caricature. The clinic’s doctors want to preserve the natural beauty of everyone. Clients of the clinic do not want to be forever young, it is important for them to be relevant (a phrase from an interview with a potential client).

The name of the clinic is XELLA. This is a rather personal brand, as the name consists of the letters of the founders’ names – Xenia and Lyudmila. The title is effective, premium and easy to pronounce in any language.

The logo block of the company Xella Clinic is the original author’s outline of the company name as the main logo and descriptor. The shape of the letters was suggested by Japanese katanas and the main contouring tools – needles. The descriptor appears under or before the name.

The corporate pattern is based on the idea of ​​Japanese art “Kintsugi”. “Kintsugi” (Japanese for “gold patch”) is the Japanese art of restoring ceramic products using a special varnish mixed with gold powder. The philosophical basis of the art of “kintsugi” lies primarily in the fact that breakages and cracks are integral to the history of the object, and therefore do not deserve oblivion and disguise. Within the framework of the concept, it is proposed to use the shape of the river as the forms of cracks. The river is a symbol of life, fertility. In many cultures, the river has been a sacred symbol.

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